The 2012 Opening Members Meeting

We at the Eagles are a social club. Once a month we gather up at Aviation Facilities, Inc at Fullerton Airport for our member’s meeting.  Tonight’s meeting kicked off the new year and it was a great meeting.  We had a great group of folks come out including two new potential members.  Of course we also gathered for some hanger talk over pizza and beer soda after the meeting.

Tonight we welcomed a new member.  For now this new member of club will remain nameless.  I think next month’s meeting will warrant a post welcoming them to the club and giving you folks a nice smiling photo.  We also look forward to adding another potential member in February who also joined us this evening.

Social Media was a hot topic at the meeting tonight.  Of course the topic got your truly all excited; the club wants to leverage facebook and other service to help extend our reach to other aviation enthusiasts.  Members tossed out all sorts of great ideas.  One such member may be authoring some articles soon having volunteered.  This means 2012 should expand the content of our site.  We hope to bring in more aviation enthusiasts to share the love of flying for which this club was founded.

Blog on with your bad self…
Shawn J


Who are the smoke eagles?

The SmokeEagles is a non-profit organization for pilots by pilots.  We love flying… so that’s what we do for fun.  The club was originally started by a group of fire fighters and thus the origin of the “Smoke” + “Eagles”. 

The club has grown for more than 30 years and to date I’m not sure we have any fire fighters left, but we have just as much love for flying.  So we continue on flying because…. ain’t it great ! Over the years we’ve had tiedowns in Long Beach & Compton and currently we house the aircraft at Fullerton Municipal Airport (KFUL).

Come join us!  We are a social club with approximately 30 members between two aircraft.  We do our best to keep flying economical for our members while still maintaining safe aircraft.  We have monthly meetings and a structured organization capable of managing the financial, maintenance and saftey concerns found with a flying organization like ours.